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Below is a selection of our recently completed projects.

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Series: “Your Brain On…”

Client: NBC News: Better

Role: Storyboard, Design, Animation, Edit

Deer Whale created the visuals (storyboarded, designed, animated, edited) for a series of 15 videos explaining how the brain affects our daily lives. The series debuted on NBC News’ health and wellness website “NBC News: Better” and focused on the interplay between our brains and life’s varied stimuli including: grief, love, roller coasters, and caffeine. A total of 30+ minutes of footage was created for this series.



PREVENT Introductory / Explainer Video

Agency: burness


Role: Direction, Storyboard, Design, Animation, Edit

Deer Whale was commissioned to create an introductory video explaining the need to develop ethical guidelines for including pregnant women in vaccine research. With input from the teams at burness and PREVENT, Deer Whale storyboarded, designed, animated, and edited the video in service to this message. The video continues to live on PREVENT’s homepage as an introduction to their mission.



Animated Sequences for “Digital Doc: Duck Hunters’ Winter of Discontent”

Client: NBC News

Role: Design & Animate Two Sequences (04:10 & 05:23)

Deer Whale was commissioned to create two animated portions of a documentary short about the effects that climate change has had on duck hunting in Arkansas due to changes in their migratory behavior.



Better New Year’s Resolutions

Client: NBC News: Better

Role: Storyboard, Design, Animation, Edit

Deer Whale created this piece for the health and wellness blog, “NBC News: BETTER.” The video uses a fun and illustrative style to portray key principles of Gretchen Rubin's book "Better than Before." The video has garnered over 76k views on Facebook. Using a voiceover script from NBC News, Deer Whale completed the storyboard, designs, animation, and sound edit.

Art Direction & Lead Animator: Mark Cordell Robinson
Lead Designer & Additional Animation: Nick Polowy




Role: Concept, Design, Animation

Here is a collection of gifs created by Deer Whale for use on our Instagram account and beyond.

For full versions, with audio, check out our Instagram.


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